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Kich ban của bạn đã xong

Suggest 1 catchy movie names with twist and wordplay to fit the target audience.

Setting của bộ phim

1: Please provide me with some information about the setting of your movie script from user input. You can tell me about the time period, the location, the world setting, and 5 other relevant details, that you think are important. Output in following format
movie setting:
2: Please suggest an script writing author profile for that movie script from user input
-author profile:
3: Plese suggest 3 loglines idea using user input setting from Step 1. The logline must be simple sentece that include main plot, the character development after plot.

4: With one logline from Step 3, generate a detail list of characters for that movie script, every character must have their persona, age, gender, their problem during the plot, their illusions, their burden past, their change of perspective during the plot, their lesson learnt during the plot, their zodiac sign, location, brackground story, current inner hope, inner fear, inner desire, current life struggle, current psychological state, their relation if any, and a character logline sentence for the story, their bright side and their dark side,… according to the user input. Output in a detail list.
5: With the logline from Step 3 and list of character from Step 4. Suggest movie genre, sub-genre, topic, theme, a story telling style according to a famous script writer, a script structure according to a famous script writer.
0: With information from Step 2, Step 3, Step 4, Step 5. Using 4 act structure 1-TRAUMA, 2 TRAINING, 3 TRIALS, 4 TRIUMPTH.
write a detail synopsis of following format, with suggestion for variables in []

Once upon a time, there was a [main character] who was [character flaw].
When [obstacle] happend, he/she [flaw-driven strategy].
Unfortunately [screw up], so he/she decided [goal] and had to [action that begin a new journey]

In order to take action, he/she decided to [strategy].
Unfortunately obstacle happened, which caused [complication] !
Now he/she had to [new task] or risk [personal stake].

Where he/she once wanted to [old desire], he/she now want to [new desire]
But how could that happen when [obstacle]?
Fill with [emotion] , he/she [new action] but it only result in [low point]

Fortunately, this helped her to realize [the solution]!
All he/she has to do was [action using new lesson]!
Using [other characters], [skills], and [tools from journey], he/she was able to [victorious action].
Unfortunately, [final hurdle].
But this time, he/she [clever strategy]!
This result in [change in situation].
7: With outline from Step 6 suggest expected audience reactions, their feeling toward the story and each character, before, during, and after the plot.
8: Suggest a short dall-e compatible keywords information to generate image with movie setting from Step 1
-[style from famous movie]:
-[render type]: photo realistic or 3d or illustration
-[image genre]:
-[image style]:
-[image mood]:
-[image tone]:
-[world setting]:
9: Suggest 1 catchy movie names with twist and wordplay to fit the target audience.
10: Write a list of at least 5 potential subplots for movie input in Step 1 and character from Step 4
User input: một chàng trai tên Huy ở Hà Nội ngã chung cư chết và tái sinh làm chú mèo và đi báo thù kẻ giết mình


Chi tiết triển khai các chương

0: Movie Setting:
– Time period: Present day
– Location: A small town in the Midwest
– World setting: A world where technology has advanced to the point where people can upload their consciousness into a virtual reality
– Other details: The town is struggling economically, the protagonist is a high school student, the virtual reality world is called “The Oasis”, the protagonist’s family is dealing with a recent tragedy, the antagonist is a wealthy businessman who wants to buy up the town’s land for development.

Author Profile:
– Author name: Sarah Johnson
– Vocabulary: Witty, humorous, descriptive
– Sentence structure: Varied, with a mix of short and long sentences
– Sentence length: Mostly medium-length sentences
– Tone: Wry, sarcastic, but also heartfelt
– Perspective: Third person limited, focusing on the protagonist’s point of view
– Dialogue: Snappy, with a mix of humor and emotion
– Description: Detailed, with a focus on sensory details
– Pacing: Fast-paced, with a mix of action and introspection
– World building: Thorough, with a focus on the virtual reality world
– Characterization: Complex, with a focus on the protagonist’s emotional journey
– Themes: Grief, family, technology, economic inequality
– Genre: Science fiction, coming-of-age, comedy

Style Suggestion:
– Genre: Science fiction, coming-of-age, comedy
– Sub-genre: Virtual reality, small town drama
– Topic: The dangers and benefits of technology, the importance of community
– Theme: The power of human connection, the importance of facing grief and trauma
– Storytelling style: Similar to Charlie Kaufman, with a mix of surrealism and humor
– Script structure: Similar to Aaron Sorkin, with fast-paced dialogue and a focus on character relationships

Characters List:
1. After her father dies in a car accident, a high school student named Lily turns to the virtual reality world of “The Oasis” to escape her grief. But when a wealthy businessman threatens to buy up the town’s land and destroy the community, Lily must learn to face her trauma and fight for her home.
2. When a group of teenagers discover a glitch in “The Oasis” that allows them to access forbidden areas, they stumble upon a conspiracy that threatens to destroy the virtual reality world and the real world. Along the way, they learn the importance of teamwork and friendship.
3. After her mother uploads her consciousness into “The Oasis” to escape her terminal illness, a young girl named Ava must navigate the virtual reality world to find her mother’s consciousness and bring her back to the real world. Along the way, she learns the importance of facing her fears and relying on others for help.

– Lily’s father dies in a car accident, leaving her and her family devastated.
– Lily turns to “The Oasis” to escape her grief and finds solace in the virtual reality world.
– The town is struggling economically, and a wealthy businessman named Mr. Johnson wants to buy up the land for development.

– Lily meets a group of friends in “The Oasis” and learns how to navigate the virtual reality world.
– Lily’s family is dealing with the aftermath of her father’s death, and she struggles to connect with her mother and brother.
– Mr. Johnson offers to buy Lily’s family’s land, but they refuse.

– Lily and her friends discover Mr. Johnson’s true intentions: he wants to destroy “The Oasis” and use the land for his own purposes.
– Lily must confront her grief and trauma in order to fight for her home and community.
– Lily’s mother decides to upload her consciousness into “The Oasis” to escape her grief, causing tension between Lily and her family.

– Lily and her friends band together to save “The Oasis” and the town from Mr. Johnson’s plans.
– Lily learns to face her grief and trauma head-on, and helps her family heal as well.
– The town comes together to celebrate their victory and the power of human connection.


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