What to look for in a payroll outsourcing consultant?

The number of outsourced payroll partners who provide high-quality solutions at affordable costs is increasing. As a leading HR consultant firm in Viet Nam, Talentnet has many small, medium-sized and start-up companies customers. They chose us to support payroll management.

Payroll is one of the functions that are non-core HR tasks and not profit-oriented. But payroll processing still is a key business operation, at the same time it may be complex and time-consuming. Therefore many employers decide to outsource payroll processing to specialist payroll providers, who generally have the latest technology tools, and then allow their employees to concentrate on other essential business areas.

Now that you know why you should outsource payroll, here are the things that you need to look for in an outsourcing partner.


Outsourcing payroll partners is hassle-free and feasible. Without hesitation, you can utilize these services. The interface is simple, and without any problem you may work around it. For example, it takes a minute or two to add an employee. This is exactly what you need in order to choose an online payroll service.


Your outsourced payroll partner should be able to assist you in completing your payroll tasks when it comes to features. This applies to computations of payroll, deductions, administration of employees, payments, wages monitoring, tax payment, payroll laws, etc.


Find an online payroll service that is dedicated to supporting its customers. You need regular assistance from the payroll provider when someone else handles your tasks.

When your employees have queries, they should be able to ask somebody about it. They should obtain assistance when your HR has queries.


If you already have accounting and attendance software, then choose a payroll provider outsourcing that offers connectivity with these tools. You don’t want to run each software individually, which generates confusion.

Employee self-service

In addition to all of the above, a self-service portal is needed for employees. Here, your employees would get the power to check salary status, download pay-slips, evaluate tax deductions, etc.

What are the qualities of the external payroll provider you need?

Check out some incredible attributes which payroll partners have experienced:


The topmost quality that you need from your outsourcing payroll partner is accuracy. On this point you just can’t compromise. You need people who know laws and regulations and understand how the payroll based on changing rules may be calculated.

This gives accuracy and happiness to your employees. You constantly risk penalties and fines if you do not have the accuracy. Your reputation among employees is actually gone.


The personal data of your workers is maintained in the payroll department. These payment data cannot be lost or you can overrule the payroll provider’s security framework. It is thus one of the most significant features for the outsourcing partner of your salary.

Expert advice

You also receive experienced help from your outsourced payroll provider. There are many professionals in this sector. As a client you normally have access to payroll specialist assistance. Make sure that you receive professional guidance quickly and easily.

There is no better choice than Talentnet when you require an outsourced payroll partner. We have helped several national and international companies throughout the years. Due to our fast, precise processing and innovative approach, we have established an eternal link with these companies. If you have to outsource payroll services, then let’s phone and talk about how we can do this.

Being Vietnam’s top human resources consultant, Talentnet employs cutting-edge technology with high level of protection, extensive understanding about labor legislation and applicable HR solutions and makes it a suitable long-term human resources collaborator. To obtain further information, please contact us.

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