What is the distinction between Headhunter and Recruitment?

All industries must comprehend the difference between headhunting and recruiting to optimize its procedures of recruitment. 

The practice of selecting people to fill top roles in firms is head hunting (also known as Executive Search). The recruitment style may be done by the board of directors of an organization or HR managers or by external managers known as Headhunters.

Recruitment refers to a procedure in which the personnel are identified, attracted, interviewed, selected and hired. In other words, it all entails the recognition of the necessity for a staff.

Recruitment is the responsibility of a variety of employees depending on the size of an organization. Larger organisations, while others, may have full recruitment teams. The hiring manager might be charged with recruitment in tiny enterprises. Nevertheless, many organizations employ external corporations.

What Do Headhunters Do?

Hunting heads are usually freelancers or work in an agency. Businesses take it on to discover and assess potential candidates for short-term jobs. Headhunters are essentially like scouts of talent. They are looking for potential applicants in a firm for available positions and propose those who they believe would well match. The usage of headhunters is frequent for firms when seeking for highly technical workers. It is also widespread. Several headhunters are specialized in narrow areas where future workers are difficult to discover. This has several advantages to them as it facilitates the veterinary exams and identifies who is eligible to fill the sort of post they would like to occupy.

What Do Recruiters Do?

The function of recruiters is quite different. Headhunters are personally active. You must locate and reach out to candidates. On the other side, recruiters have a job of locating and discovering out where good applicants might fit in an organization. They participate considerably better in the recruitment process; they may even lead interviews. In addition, if they don’t suit the initial post they applied for, they can help a candidate apply for another one.

Difference between headhunting and recruitment

1. The skills in demand 

When recruiting involves entry or medium level managers, the candidate must possess a variety of skills. Recruiting involves 100s of employees (if it is a respectable organization), and therefore ideally the outstanding candidate is one of the sort of Jack from all crafts. A diversified competence candidate not only fits the rest of the staff but is also muddled and can be moved between departments.

In the case of a headhunter, the applicant does not need to have varied abilities, but must be a master and at the top of his specialty. You should do your own job and set an example in your neighborhood.

2. Time

Recall that recruiting firms have to play several functions for customers, thus the focus is on quantities. This means that each post and applicant is spent a little time and moves on to the next one.

Headhunters have to locate the ideal applicant for a particular specific post and it is not always simple to discover that prospect. It is rare for a headhunter to take a great deal of time to find the appropriate match for each post and applicant.

3. Process

Headhunters and recruiting firms are filled by supplies from various candidate pools.

An “reactive” search approach is used by a recruiting organization. They promote through job portals, social media and a database for the collecting of CVs and then are approached by active job searchers.

A real headhunter utilizes a “proactive” way to approach them. In addition, only passive perspectives are approached. These are persons who are not actively looking for a new employment, yet are ideal for this post.

After a customer brief, the headhunter scans the whole industry to determine its perfect fit. They use their extensive network of business relationships, including references and word of mouth. This is how you pursue those prospects who are difficult to locate, and who now don’t look or even connect casually to fresh possibilities.


For the filling of openings both Recruiting agencies and headhunters are significant. Their services are suitable for various scenarios so please be sure to analyze the main distinctions if you want to deal with them.

Be mindful that not every agency or head chase works as well as its competitors. Some recruiters who profess to be genuine headhunters nonetheless can employ techniques that attract active applicants.

Clarify always the particular services a recruiter may give, the source of the applicants, the costs.

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