To recover from the COVID-19 crisis, businesses can now start to reskilling their workforces

Adapting the expertise and responsibilities of workers to post-pandemic working practices would be critical to developing business model resilience.

What is upskilling and reskilling exactly?

Upskilling gives existing workers new skills that can help them succeed and be successful in their work. Reskilling focuses on teaching employees new and upcoming skills to do a different or more advanced job.

Roadmap to upgrade or reskill employees

Here is a summary of measures required to develop the employees’ upskilling or reskilling strategies.

Define the initiative

To avoid layoffs and upgrade the skill set and knowledge that your current workforce has to offer, determine whether you can upskill employees already in similar roles. With an option and specific aims, most staff will prefer to adapt and master the latest technologies.

Design a schedule of competencies

By deliberately selecting and matching the staff with vacant roles, you are able to build a skills package tailored to the particular needs of the organisation.

Match jobs and begin reskilling. Use software designed to identify your skills gaps. You may begin with open vacancies which have not been fulfilled due to a lack of the workforce. By training your current workers’ new expertise in artificial intelligence and big data, you might also take a lead on the rivals.

Time is the essential

Don’t worry about implementing, testing and tweaking your upskilling program. The more your workers understand, the better your organization can solve the technological divide and challenges that arise more strongly than ever from the COVID-19 crisis. 

From previous disasters we know that businesses need to move rapidly to develop vital workforce capacity. The coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated a change of competitive working conditions which has already started by globalization and IT, change in markets and evolving positions in the workplace. To react, the leaders should follow a strong resilient strategy that strengthens the digital expertise and cognitive, emotional and adaptive skills of employees.

Companies can’t be resilient if their workforces aren’t. Building your resilience now is the first step in achieving the successful recovery model of your company.

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