The new way to lead: Social Leadership

Social ability is one of the principal strategies for developing high-performance teams by building trust, respect, team spirit and reducing tension between team members. Social skills can be described as the ability, within and across cultural barriers, to interact and cooperate effectively – exploring, innovating, communicating, collaborating, learning and mutually supportive. In turn, this produces an environment of mutual concern.

Definition of Social Leadership

Social leadership is relational and consensus-based: it is a form of group authority based on our legitimacy and social capital. Social Leadership complements traditional leadership but operates when there is no formal leadership: our societies. And it is critical because our societies enable us to survive in the Social Age.

Becoming a Social Leader

So what makes a great Social Leader? Here are 10 starters stuff:

1/ They behave on the basis of modesty and compassion because they know that management is about empowering people to be equal, to prosper, to excel.

2/ They tell convincing stories because they know magnetic stories go fast, whereas formal ones are stuck in the system. 

3/ In their speech and deeds, they are genuine, wherever they look at, because they recognize that identity has been gained, not realized or purchased.

4/ They also devote themselves to learning, or to support others.

5/ They are fighting not for themselves, but their communities for what is fair.

6/ They are curating a place: choose where they will stand and do what they can to create their own space.

7/ They help to establish a new social contract and help the organization to exercise power by consensus, not by weight.

8/ They’re #WorkOutLoud.

9/ They graciously honor others both formally and socially.

10/ They quantify the transition since they realize that it will not happen if they do not measure it.

Social leadership does not constitute anything gentle, something good, a procedural power addition: it is a key element for the authority to be genuinely led by us in the Social Age.

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