Talent mapping can support your international strategy

The first thing that might spring to mind when you think of talent mapping is hiring. It is necessary to hire, to add a business case to the headcount, to approve the budget, and the recruiting process begins.

However, talent mapping is much more than that. Indeed, talent mapping for firms that are focused on growth is an vital aspect of a talent-optimized organization.

Talentnet plays a key role not only in harmonizing our talent plan with our business strategy, but also in making our human resources a necessary evil into the essential strategic partner.

So, what exactly is talent mapping? And for your business, what can it do? Continue reading to find out.

What is talent mapping?

Talent mapping is searching for the correct talent, placing talent in the appropriate places and keeping the highest talent in the world. It is an ongoing activity that grows and moves with the company as needs change. 

Three fundamental tasks are required in the talent mapping process:

– Identify new jobs your company needs for its corporate strategies.

– Build attractive pathways up and later and share these possibilities to maintain strong talent.

– Update current job classifications and descriptions to better closely match your business plan demands.

It is important that all mapping responsibilities be linked to generate concrete outcomes in order to forward your business goal. Talent mapping in your business needs to be apparent.

Why do you need talent mapping?

Talent Mapping examines the exact requirements and wants the organization to create the perfect candidate for the recruiting KPIs of a very particular individual. This is not a simple work, because you have to constantly monitor, verify, validate, and most importantly – you have to become used to this routinely.

Discover the appropriate talent more quickly

Talent mapping helps you plan the resources needed to play a role before the vacancy appears. 

Make the most of top talent at your level

With the use of talent mapping, you can identify your top staff . You can enhance their skills to meet your corporate objectives in leadership roles.

Conserve your hiring resources

Talent mapping concerns strategic recruitment. You can prioritize your open requests instead of wasting lots of time and money on unneeded employees. This helps you bring in employees who have the greatest influence on the success of your organization.

How could your international strategy help talent mapping?

Talent mapping can enable foreign sourcing talents where localized talents are inadequate or international recruitment is needed for the skills and diversification of the sector. Taking your company talent search further, talent managers may compare and compare applicants with those who work in competitive organizations by discovering the staff that matches their accomplishments. 

Developing a framework of target companies with a talent pool and overall skills may also lead the places that talent administration seeks to recruit. The choice of bilingual and highly qualified personnel to fulfill future responsibilities may be supported by international strategy. 

A talent mapping system may, finally, help to prepare a talent pipeline for future hiring, establish relationships today in order to support the continuing flow to the organization of prospects and reduce the need to have cold calls and the time it takes to fill an open place.

Talentnet is Vietnam’s premier human resources consultant and applies its salaries framework, featuring the latest technology with a high degree of protection, a good grasp of labor legislation and applicable HR solutions.Email us to find out how Talentnet can save you time, resources and highly qualified employees willing to complete your task.

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