Societal leaders – What are they and how to become one?

A societal leader is someone who is motivated by the greater good of others, working towards improving society and usually finds themselves in the most difficult situations, such as violence or suffering.

The amount of chaos at this moment feels unparalleled. Many of us have never before seen such a thing and probably expect us never again. But many possibilities and opportunities are created by destruction and confusion. All of those in our organizations are in various phases of crisis management. Some of you might still be in the early phase, where you act quickly and shoot. Once you transition to the adaptation process, this is important to learn how you can evolve as a leader and as an organization. At this moment, there is the potential for us and our organization to unlock a very different future. In the confusion, we have an openness to reinvent ourselves – to become a societal leader.

The actions that we take today have a huge impact on how people view us and what we desire. How we handle our workers, our clients and the broader community is going to continue even after the conclusion of COVID-19. Sometimes chaos will make it much clearer for us to see stuff. Disordering our everyday lives, our normal behavioral habits allows us to reconsider, to cut the noise out, and to better realize what is important for us. We begin to see things differently; in new ideas we allow; we ask questions that we haven’t asked before or that we didn’t want to ask.

One societal leader is someone inspired by other people’s common benefit. Now is the time for you to take these thoughts with both arms and to start nurturing those green shoots of societal leadership.

So, how to become a societal leader?

Experiences beyond ordinary life standards

Societal leaders have mostly seen encounters beyond the standards of other individuals, and the experience has created a deep and lasting push for a call to which they will not leave. You develop a meaning well beyond yourself for your life; it is so necessary for many that they are always ready to sacrifice their lives in the society they represent. Many society leaders are actually born in very safe and nurturing families – and then genuinely change themselves by moving up to the challenge.

Societal leadership does not mean that we are born in these difficult circumstances; it has to be careful, and then brave enough to make a move.

Values of love and fairness

A threat or harsh confrontation tends to take human beings in one of two directions – they can become more tribal, with an increased inclination towards aggression, or they can become more value-driven, more empathic, more able to embrace the viewpoints of others and a fuller degree of love for the broader world. They work with more – anything that requires a remarkable degree of diligence and determination.

An exceptional level of consciousness

Lao Zhu said “Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment”. The societal leaders I’ve collaborated with to recognize and represent the most inclusive concepts of leadership, even though they have only little development in this area. You have also had considerable moments of self-reflection on who you are, what you stand for and how you can derail yourself and society.

Complexity comprehension capacity

These leaders should take action without disturbance, unilateralism, polarization and partiality – they can see a broader view. They could be seen as elders – who encourage communications by enabling other people to cross their borders to flow through borders that divide us.

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