Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) – How does it work?

Recruitment outsourcing is commonly referred to as Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and includes the transition of the contractor to an external partner, either part or more of the recruitment process. In the event of a transfer of an organization, or even mergers and acquisitions, RPOs are sometimes used as a recruiting solution.

What are the RPO services?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is the outsourcing of all or some of your hiring activities. This includes a contractual arrangement with an external contractor who does the recruiting management on your behalf.

Talentnet provides custom-made RPO systems that can be fully adapted to the business structure and needs. We are focused on process development and providing unrivaled industrial insights such that high-quality talent can be accessed superior thereby reducing hiring expense and lease time and thus maximizing the return on investment.

There is no doubt that a more controlled and well-run recruiting process can greatly boost total efficiency, and therefore improve the understanding of future workers of the company’s business strategy. Many companies regularly outsource the recruiting of expert recructors for the purposes of improving the internal procedures for selecting employees. The company’s existing recruiting programs and the speedy access to talent were demonstrated by outsourcing of the processes of selection of employees. Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) will significantly improve the employee infrastructure and improve total performance for delivering services while maximizing customer satisfaction.

Talentent is a Vietnamese leading executive recruitment company that provides high quality RPO services to companies and organizations. For more information, Talentnet helps companies to regain ownership over a more expensive and complicated talent management operation.

Find out all on how RPO strategies will benefit the company below.

How will RPO support your company?

The RPO will allow firms to shorten hiring times by 40% and save costs by more than 50% if they handle a quality supplier well. In both cases, the RPO varies considerably from providers such as contingent search operators and staffing agencies who have the responsibility to plan, design and manage the recruiting process.

Who should use RPO?

Although an successful RPO partnership may enable any company to improve its talent acquisition, the following companies can benefit from RPO particularly well:

  • Requirements for high volume hire
  • Seasonal, changing or rapidly increasing personnel requirements
  • Limited HR headcount
  • Special needs for recruitment include various or atypical fields of talent
  • Urgent staffing requirements

Few organisations, with the specific skills of the RPO suppliers, are able to develop the internal resources needed to handle talent collection, recruiting and governance. Even large companies would choose to concentrate on their core businesses and provide experts with those functions.

Benefits of Outsourcing RPO services

Scales as required

RPO is important because the cost-efficiency of recruitment processes can vary considerably. In any sector, resource requirements differ in a kind of period across the year and over many years. For instance, stores usually recruit additional personnel during the holiday season to satisfy increased customer demand. The resources in a conventional human resources organization cannot adjust to a rise and decline in demand and instead stay at about the same amount all year long. The team then goes through stages of excess and under-utilization. Companies only pay for what they need at the time with the Vietnam RPO facilities. It is a practical approach that better adapts to the changing market requirements.


Many companies, with their personnel needs, have peaks and troughs. For example, peaks for supermarkets, suppliers and supply chain organizations need employee workflows that can prove expensive when treated in isolation. An RPO provides the possibility of increasing recruiting and resources to satisfy customers’ unique demands. This is also a perfect option for organizations that are expanding or opening new venues where many contractors are needed by a tight deadline.

Reduced recruitment time

An inflated time to hire is one of the biggest obstacles to economic recruiting. Inadequately handled recruiting ultimately raises hire time for interviews and successful contestants. With nothing to prove except empty jobs, this can lead to a lot of loss of time and resources. The RPO model has rigorous mechanisms to alleviate these delays and eventually secure the best talent.

Make recruitment more quickly and efficiently

To be competitive in the long run, companies must respond rapidly to the constantly evolving field of industry. Whenever delays exist in recruiting professional and creative people to pursue goals, it becomes a very serious task to overcome or at least keep up with competitive companies. If the process is outsourced to a separate RPO supplier the issue can be solved by offering the highest standard job solutions as quickly as possible.

Business model reinforcement analytics

Because RPO firms have comprehensive talent databases, they can evaluate and forecast potential developments affecting their customer businesses. They will adequately advise managers, anti-talent opportunity needs and better manage demand and availability of critical staff to perform key functions with this knowledge. Overall, the RPO providers will boost the progressive development of organisations they operate with through the use of a carefully analysed data-based successful and dynamic recruiting aid scheme.

Branding for your employer

Glassdoor finds that 69% of job seekers are more likely to apply when the firm actively maintains its employer image, showing how important a good identity is for the company and how it can draw candidates. High-value candidate employees are continually being sought after by firms from around the world. As a consequence, it is not overemphasized to projecte the picture of an organization in the right way. If the company’s in-house HR team doesn’t present a definite position on the company’s employee value and reward system, securing top quality staff may be extremely difficult.

If the recruiting process is well conducted, RPO will have a favorable effect on the employer image, which results in high candidate satisfaction.

RPO providers will investigate a company’s identity carefully, compare it to the competitiveness and build a strong recruiting dialog which will highlight that the talent should want to partner for it. A successful RPO supplier is a supportive spokesperson for your brand and would send the right message to the industry by really extending your current Talent Acquisition departments or departments for human resources.

Choose the right partner

The RPO team has to meet and interview prospective entrepreneurs before taking on an engagement partner in order to ensure they know adequately about the kind of talent they hope to recruit. In addition, it is also strongly advisable to carry out reputational tests to assess the transparency of RPO hiring processes.

At Talentnet, you will find out the best RPO services in Vietnam included with professional consulting from our talented consultant teams. With a committed on-site recruiting team devoted to your business, Talentnet enables you to develop and handle your workforce better while the transparency of recruitment costs – this without the excessive expansion of internal HR services. Please email us to learn more about our programs and to meet our staff.

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