Outsourcing recruitment – New HR outsourcing service every company should try

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a new service that maybe not every company has known before. Today’s article, Talentnet will discuss several new options for RPO involvement, such as Vietnam’s emerging RPO services.

What is recruitment process outsourcing?

The RPO stands for Recruitment Process Outsourcing and is a method of Business process outsourcing (BPO). It is a business model in which an organization involves a third-party recruiting specialist (in full or in part) to push the advantages of cost, consistency, effectiveness, servicing and skills. But it is not simply a vacancy filling. It consists of building a relationship and optimizing the management process of a company with both short-term and long-term outcomes – many organisations are able to enjoy expertise with administrative aspects of recruitment and maintain oversight of all recruiting decisions. For those employees who want reliable, skilled and cost-effective access to the best talent, RPO is becoming increasingly common.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) enables companies to entertain any or all their hiring and associated Talent Management functions through an external vendor. The RPO provider acts as a strategic partnership with the customer in order to enhance hire productivity, speed up distribution and maximize cost effectiveness.

Benefits of recruitment process outsourcing

Provides access to a talent pool

A key problem today on the world labor market is a lack of adequately skilled candidates needed to fill key roles in the organization.

Attempting to give the necessary talent the opportunity to meet corporate goals and goals will become a sleepless scenario without the assistance of an RPO provider. Such a pursuit of recruiting firms’ promises for ‘no win no charge’ can be a merciless challenge and a managed strategy can be achieved with a guaranteed high-quality collaboration operation with the RPO solution.

Most well known RPO service providers have a comprehensive, accurate pool of people who are difficult to locate to fill critical jobs. Together with their unique access to these highly desired skills, RPO’s established experience would make it easier for customers to obtain the services of in-demand applicant firms.

Provide transparency of companies

The level of transparency provided for in a Service Level Agreement  (SLA) is a major advantage of forming an RPO agency partnership. Of course, an in-house HR team can do that, too. The change is, where businesses were below planned expectations and contravening the SLA, their RPO supplier could have stronger input.

Enhanced diversity in workforce

Harvard Business Review research showed businesses that concentrate on diversity appear to do well, with 45% market share growth from the previous year and 70% market growth. Diversity of employees offers new opportunities, creativity, and improved income for the corporation.

Improve recruitment scalability and versatility

The hiring needs of most companies vary throughout the year, depending on set targets and goals. In these cases, determining the employee level required for optimum efficiency may be a challenge. This is something that an excellent RPO company can easily predict and tackle. The recruiting process is conducted on a project- or on-demand basis, by assessing the specific needs of different employers, to ensure at each stage that the correct number of skills is recruited to fill workforce positions.

Costs reduced

One of the key advantages of the use of an RPO is its cost-effectiveness and also the main reasoning for the use of this model by organizations.

Many firms see recruitment rates spiral with headhunters, work councils and high cost increases. An RPO offers an integrated recruiting approach and is assessed to be fast, cost-effective and employ standard. All three variables are in consideration for the solution.


In conclusion, RPO improves the recruitment efficiency and provides a strategic edge to a company if applied correctly. By enhancing recruitment by hiring a company puts the best person in the right role and creates an opportunity for everyone to win: staff are happy, management is more effective, management figures reach and the organisation is more successful overall. At The Talentnet, we have a competitive place to offer you the best talent through our recruitment programs, ensuring our customers are completely prepared with their objectives.

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