Leadership on the path to a cohesive culture

COVID-19 have transformed all of our working teams – if not most of them – into virtual teams, meaning improvements in the working atmosphere, networking processes, workshops, technical channels and applications. We take several of these changes for granted now, over three months into the “new normal”. 

Maybe we’ll get used to it. As we don’t know when or how much we will return to the workplace in person, it’s important to build a cohesive culture to retain a productive workforce.

Danny Molnau, a consulting director at Vizient, Inc., defines team cohesion as “the extent to which team members stick together and remain united in the pursuit of a common goal. A team is said to be in a state of cohesion when its members possess bonds linking them to one another and to the team as a whole.” Cohesion of Teams offers successive links between enhanced self-esteem, increased confidence for team members and better team results.

Here are some important ways for remote teams to create better cohesion:

Transparency and sharing the vision

Transparency is a key aspect in any healthy organisation, particularly with a distributed team. It is possible for workers living across the country (or the world) to get in the dark without accountability. This will adversely affect both the cultural and the practical side of a company.

The plans of all our divisions are embodied in the strategic strategy that can be read and adopted by all our employees. The plan doesn’t exist simply for the board, senior management, and key leaders. It is for everyone because every member of our team has value and contributes to the organization’s achievements. This is one of the processes we take to create a cohesive culture that is critically important for our overall performance. When a cohesive culture is established, people are able to be better connected with others in other sections of the company, to those who are able to report to them, to their friends, superiors, bosses and senior officials.

Identify the meaning of success

Identify company objectives and share the priorities with all teams. This could affect a period of production, represent profitability, calculate annual growth or a measurable rise in employee retention and commitment. Everybody wants to know that regardless of the target to realize how their team will drive the business to growth.

Project management

It is hard to keep up with what each team member is doing and where they are on their part of the project without engaging in casual discussions in a jointly situated office. Modern project management systems make it easier to keep the whole team up to speed on all aspects of a project as they work together in real time. This allows colleagues to work asynchronously on the same project with minimal communication delays. There’s more transparency, efficiency, and productivity.

Structure development

You should not only expect that the cohesive culture will improve after evaluating the case.

You must bring together a plan for fostering solid, integrated teams which are completely integrated into the management of the business. This could include routine check-in meetings or updates to a company’s newsletter or email. Anything that fits better for your company, you have the chance for communication and visibility.

Attention to every person

Management Study Guide concurs, “Knowing employees well leads to a healthy work culture.” Your teams consist of persons with diverse backgrounds, with different knowledge and experiences of achievement, disappointment, worries and drivers. In order to build a team environment in which each person feels linked with the organization and community, everyone must first be viewed as individuals.

Workplace cohesion

Looking at where we are today, I can’t help but to stand back to ask when the core nature of work really changed. People used to go to work just to do their job (no matter how tough) and never grumble… workers are now constantly looking for great work opportunities. There have been a lot of changes.

Today, I think that much of this feeling of identity and continuity can be missed easily by speeding up everyday life too quickly. However, we see promising signals with the joining of the employees of the post-millennium Z generation. In reality, they are more interested in productive jobs, good work experience and a return to society than ever, such that this is a moment of flow.

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