How to maximize the benefit of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)?

Outsourcing within the recruiting sector is often referred to as recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) which entails a transition from a company to an external company for all or part of the recruitment process. In certain cases, RPOs are used as recruiting solutions while an organization is being relocated or even fused and acquired.

What does an RPO do?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing means the externalization of any or part of your recruitment practices. This includes a working arrangement with an outside operator that manages your recruitment on your behalf.

Talentnet provides individual RPO services that can be completely customized according to the organizational set-up and requirements. We are focused on process definition and provide incomparable insights into business to guarantee superior access to high-quality expertise while reducing cost-per-hire and hire-time, thus improving the investment return.

It is undoubtedly important that more regulated and well-managed recruiting processes can greatly increase staff efficiency and enhance the understanding of future employees of your company’s management strategies. Many organisations now regularly outsource recruiting of people with appropriate skill sets for specialist recruiters in order to enhance internal employees hiring processes. Outsourcing of the hiring process has demonstrated that the new recruiting processes in the organization have been streamlined and talent access expedited. This is known as outsourcing for the procurement process (RPO), which boosts personnel infrastructure significantly and improves total performance in terms of services delivered while improving client satisfaction. 

Talentent is a leading Vietnamese executive search company which brings high quality RPO services to companies and organisations. To go into depth, Talentnet helps companies regain ownership over an exceedingly expensive and dynamic talent management process.

See how RPO technologies will support the enterprise below.

How does RPO support your organization?

RPO can enable companies to reduce their time to recruit by 40% and save more than 50% when managing well with a quality supplier. In both cases, RPO is somewhat different from services like contingent search agencies and personnel agencies who control and design the employment process and are responsible for outcomes.

Benefits of RPO services

RPO is critical because it can lead to a considerable difference in the cost effectiveness of recruitment procedures for businesses. Resource requirements differ over the whole year and over many years in a period of kind in each business.

For eg, in the holiday season stores are usually hiring extra personnel to fulfill increased customer requests. A conventional Human Research department’s personnel cannot adjust to both a rise and decrease in demand nor stay at the same amount year round. The team then goes through stages of excess and underutilization. Companies pay with RPO facilities in Vietnam only at this time for what they require. It is a reasonable approach that is adequately adapted to the changing demands of businesses.

Reduced time-to-hire

The inflation of time-to-hire is one of the biggest obstacles to an efficient recruiting process. Poorly handled recruiting invariably raises hire-time, as interviews drag and the market picks up successful applicants. With nothing but empty work roles, this can lead to plenty of loss of time and resources. The RPO model introduces strong mechanisms for reducing these delays and ensuring the best talent at long last.

Make recruitment process quicker and more effective

To succeed in the long run, companies have to respond to the constantly evolving market environment fast. Whenever it takes time for professional and innovative people to reach targets, it becomes a very real obstacle to go beyond or, at least, to stay with rival companies. Outsourcing a process to an individual RPO supplier would address this issue by offering the highest product and employment-specific recruitment opportunities as soon as possible.


In certain organizations, their staffing needs are high and low. For example, the peak times of suppliers, suppliers and supply chain managers include staffing operations that can expense the isolation process. RPOs are available for upgrades to accommodate the customer’s special needs in regard to recruiting activities and resources. This is also a perfect option for extension organizations or new venues that need several hires to be opened under a tight timeline.

Pro analytics for market model strengthening

Because RPO firms hold comprehensive talent databases, they can evaluate and forecast potential developments that impact their clients. They will adequately advise managers, anti-talent potential needs and better manage demand and availability of critical staff to perform key functions with this knowledge. Overall, the RPO suppliers will boost the progressive development of the organisations, through the use of an efficient and complex framework built on fully evaluated data.

Enhances the employer brand

Glassdoor finds that 69 percent of job-seekers are more likely to apply for a position when they handle their employer brand actively and demonstrate the value of a reputation and the willingness of the business to recruit applications. Companies all around the globe continuously search for high performance applicant workers. The significance of projecting the picture of an organization in the right manner therefore cannot be stressed excessively. If the internal personnel team of the organisation does not have a definite place on the importance of employees and the premium structure in the organisation, it can be extremely difficult to secure high quality personnel.

When the recruiting process is well managed – leading to high levels of fulfillment of candidates – RPO will affect the brand positively. The RPO providers are going to investigate a business brand carefully, equate it to its competition, and provide a robust dialog in recruiting to show why the talents should want to work with that firm. A successful RPO Provider will be the optimistic spokesperson to the brand and send the best message to the industry as a true extension of your current talent acquisition and human resources departments.

So, Who is RPO for?

Although an successful RPO partnership will allow any company to consolidate its own talent purchase, organizations under the following circumstances are particularly well placed to profit from RPO:

  • Requirements for hire of high volume
  • Staffing requirements for saison, changing or rapidly increasing
  • Headcount Limited for HR
  • Special hire requirements that require various or atypical sources of talent
  • Requirements for emergency personnel

Few companies will develop the internal skills needed for managing talent acquisition, recruiting and management with the expertise provided by RPO suppliers. Even big businesses may choose to concentrate on their core business and include specialists with those functions.

Finally, CHOOSE the right partner

Prior to joining the recruiting partner, prospective applicants can visit and interview the RPO team to ensure they recognize the type of talent they hope to recruit. In addition, credibility controls are strongly recommended to review the efficiency of the RPO recruiting process.

At Talentnet, companies will be able to discover the best RPO services in Vietnam, including our talented consultancy services. Talentnet has a dedicated on-site recruiting team devoted to your sector, enabling your company to create and handle your employees more efficiently while making recruitment expenses more straightforward – without over-extending internal HR budgets. Please email us for more information about our services and to meet our staff.

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