How to improving teamwork in the “new normal”

COVID-19 have transformed all of our working teams – if not most of them – into virtual teams, meaning improvements in the working atmosphere, networking processes, workshops, technical channels and applications. The implementation of cohesion techniques in groups will make a difference between success and failure in today’s rapidly changing market climate, especially during this pandemic. This is so because the core of all the excellent teams are coordination, collaboration and harmony. Whether you are establishing a team for the first time or seeking to strengthen teamwork within an established team, use the cohesion strategy to help you accomplish the job.

Cohesion in your team affects almost every aspect of your company, but is of special importance to your performance. About 97% of workers agree that the results of a job or mission are influenced by a lack of alignment in the team.

And the contrary is true. Strong cohesion leads to optimum efficiency, belonging and personal fulfillment which are necessary to create a working atmosphere in which workers are interested in staying and excelling. The solidarity of teams is also a central driver of employee participation. In typical conditions, the number of workers disengaged at work is usually around 70%.

However, this number has risen for a number of reasons after COVID-19. Enhancing the cohesion of the team would inevitably help you increase the loyalty of the employees by establishing constructive ties, team objectives and mutual ideals that increase commitment.

To support you to accomplish this, we have worked in collaboration with our clients to compile 6 measures to strengthen the cohesion of the team in your company:

Define goals and values

One reason why James + James furniture disrupts the furniture industry lies in the unification of all the members of the team behind the value and purpose of the business—to have the greatest potential consumer service and to make continuous changes.

It is important to remember the team priorities and organization principles when you continue to look at your new dynamics in the team. If your company has no goal or vision yet, now is a good time to do so. These four elements will include a simple shared image of how and with what reason the workers are working for.

You may suggest telling your team members how they actually understand your team and its priorities while you manage the process of identifying targets and principles. You would probably find that their picture is different – best or bad – from yours and shape the final draft according to your insight.

Providing education and growth

Each member of your community should think that it is competent to play its part in the team’s objective first of all in order to maintain your team cohesion. When recruiting, you will assign your staff specific roles that outline their role in the team, as well as sufficient preparation to ensure they can perform their duties. Your workers should develop their work over time. To do this, they need to improve their talents.

Encourage team-building

Many people (who devote 40 or more hours per week) relate to increased self-esteem and morality as individuals and not as practitioners. As the staff connect with each other and become more acquainted with each other outside work, team bonding can grow.

Improved communications

By increasing internal (and external) communication, America’s Car Mart was able to attain over 1,000 reviews and offer a highly improved, seamless customer experience in a matter of months.

In fact, about 86% of workers refer to loss of contact or teamwork in the event of a breakdown at work. The teams operate through direct and continuous contact only efficiently. As a team leader, you need to provide your team with the means to reach each other. Whether you need qualified team help or someone to engage brainstorm thoughts, they need to communicate with their colleagues quickly and conveniently.

We recommend that you open several lines of contact to help your team remain efficient and committed. Even remote teams can safely remain linked without disruptions and coherent online courier networks such as Podiums Teamchat.

Celebrate success together

Finally, to celebrate success is vital in keeping a cohesive team together. If the whole company works for common objectives, it is advisable to celebrate the achievement as a collective. Thank you for the hard work done by your staff and appreciate that everybody played a role. You will boost the team satisfaction by thinking about why the achievement matters, where it has taken place and where you go.

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