Holistic approach – human resources management

Companies worldwide invest in enormous resources to develop their working culture with varying outcomes. Corporate wellbeing solutions have evolved beyond focusing on physical fitness in an attempt to reduce health care costs, into more of a holistic approach that helps each employee bring their best selves to work. Workers would like to be treated as persons, not only as a way to profit. Recognition and well-being together generate a healthier and happier workforce.

Why is it important now?

In short, this change comes from the HR industry, where experienced practitioners realize that the hypotheses behind conventional HR techniques are no longer accurate and that the policy and practices derivable from these hypotheses are more harmful than useful. So we have looked for solutions in a few places that are somewhat unorthodox – from old science to groundbreaking neurosciences – but with some surprising results we have re-examined preconceptions on work, well-being, pleasure, productivity and performance. 

Millennia and baby boomers are seeking a flexible, meaningful and time-consuming connection in work while Gen X — the squeezed generation — is urgently trying to find out how they can balance an ever-long demands list at the same time as they approach a typical “peak period” of their careers. Add the trends surrounding the rising number of workers just overwhelmed by job stress at the expense of their physical and mental health, the data we receive on the actual cost of stress to companies and the economy, and the fact that the issues we have around talent shortages will only escalate in the future, and we can see that this is what we are facing. This is the focus on the well-being of individuals and a holistic approach to building a company environment that enables people to accomplish their best without compromising their whole work.

The holistic approach doesn’t need your HR team to do anything else, only to do what it does differently from how it thinks and works from there.

As Vietnam’s leading HR consultancy firm, Talentnet applies state-of-the-art technologies to its payroll framework with strict safety, profound understanding of labor law and associated HR solutions. Please contact us to learn how to adapt a holistic approach in your HR management.

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