Cultivating a cohesive culture in the workplace

When you start a business, you can distinguish it by creating a winning and unified community. It is important for culture and it can make or break an enterprise. In many years of growing start-ups, we learnt that creating a cohesive community fundamentally has two main principles – the purpose of an organization and its core values.

Vision guidance

A consistent vision is important to promote a cohesive culture as long as you present it in a way which guarantees a team’s buy-in. The right view — which simply defines for the company and its workers the successful direction for growth and development — can be an emotional catalyst and the basis for the company’s statement of intent. It will encourage mutual hope for the company’s future and create core values and comportements. A vision written, spread and supported by leadership will drive the teams towards a shared ideal.

Core of leadership

At its core, a cohesive community should focus on a common and accepted goal. Teams will experience the ownership of a common intent in combining this with actions that promote freedom of thinking, inclusion of viewpoint and a sense of affiliation and approval. These can sound like subjective variables for results-driven salespeople, but they are critical aspects of employee experience in creating a fresh, more fulfilling and productive work environment.

Inclusion of key values in human resources practices

Cohesion Culture is an emphasis on individuals, starting with core values. Upon definition of these core values—with particular concepts reflecting the features of the enterprise—this value system must be incorporated into all aspects of essential human resources activities such as procurement, pay and profit, well-being, success and training, and growth.

From a hot to a great business

So my thinking goes to Talentnet, our business. We were known as a ‘hot’ business with a high inventory assessment.  There was naturally a lot of focus on performance and development at the time. 

And while we are still considered to be a ‘hot’ organization, no business remains forever hot. It is essential to grow into a big, lasting business. To do this you need to become an enterprise that will recruit and keep talent in the center of your business with staff wellbeing and personal autonomy. Whatever vertical industry your company is in, it all involves setting objectives and being honest and committed to your mission. If you can, your workers can understand your leadership value, and I believe consumers will also acknowledge your role and true value very clearly.

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