Are we ready for the New Normal?

The complexities and global existence of many companies ensure that Chief People Officers (CPOs) are handling a variety of changing circumstances in conjunction. As the COVID-19 crisis continues to grow. Companies are able to provide business divisions and sites in many geographies at various points of the pandemic.

The events are “not linear, they are parallel”, a Chief People Officer said: “We need to figure out a new way of managing multiple cases; we are preparing for longer term parallel structures—we have to do crises and normal.”

In the last two weeks of April 2020 we learned from many UK leading figures that the CPOs are beginning to tackle the next major problem – what is the way to return to work?

Health safeguard

Given the strong effects on health of the COVID-19 pandemic, employers must find means of returning to work with a minimal concern for protection and welfare. Understandable fear of being subjected to the coronavirus makes many individuals unable to return to work physically. Some key workers absolutely refuse to revisit the Human Resource Management Society, since they are too concerned about the consequences.

In this case, HR has a major role to play. The first and most critical move is to launch a meaningful conversation with employees who are uncomfortable in returning to their employment. Listen to their fears, inquire if you can make them more optimistic in returning and outline the safety measures that you put in place to protect workers from infection.

Information about protection measures required in your sector and best for your company can be obtained from a wide variety of sources, including: The government, Industry bodies, Trade unions, Healthcare authorities. 

Revamping HR Processes and Planning

The crisis provided insights into versatility in leadership. Some officials have been confronting the dilemma and others have been fighting. There could be a need to revise the existing estate plans. At the same time, the typical turnover rate of the workers of firms may shift as they are expected to take the chance of a new opportunity as a result of the certainty of their current work.

One manager asked the community about performance management: is it assessed against the same standards as before? How should I set goals for as many disruptions as possible? Should a more sympathetic solution be adopted? Should KPI configurations be revised at least? 

The CPOs spoke about the need for different capacity and different competences with an emphasis on agility. For others, this is a valuable yet unforeseen chance to revisit HR processes and structures and how people function, impact and manage. 

“Every day there is a new angle that will have to change,” an HR leader shared. 

You could find some useful advice from Talentnet Guideline that looks more deeply at these and other topics and how you can handle the unique business environment.

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