A societal leader’s capabilities

The epidemic of COVID-19 has become a driver of change. We need a different form of leadership, both individuals and organizations with a greater purpose, in order to build a sustainable environment for our employees. Societal leaders represent their organizations, branches, departments or themselves as well as the country.

Our convictions as human beings are the prism by which we see and judge the world and ourselves, wilstead of our specific capacities. Some people have the extraordinary ability to nurture others; other people are exceptionally able to inspire and influence people to obey each other. Some people are able to behave in the face of fear; and others have a characteristic capacity to look at the world in ways others cannot. 

This article focuses on some important capabilities of a societal leader.


Social media is one of the most effective communication tools today. It turns our entire business into a visual square – online social community. Although technology enables it all, online communication remains intimate; everyone is involved on their own computer, and so there is a sense of direct communication and talk. Change efforts can be easily diffused (and monitored); failures and roadblocks can be found and correctly much faster. And not only leaders can communicate more effectively. Employees also have a voice and get more involved by using this method efficiently. You do not have to be an extrovert – all personalities are invited. You just have to be prepared to jump.


Many of us have participated now in social media talks, blogger riffs, G+ Hangouts and webcasts, where activities take place. Someone posts a status, a video, a photograph, shares an article, then people start commenting, debating, sharing opinions, inspiration and creativity is unleashed. That’s how something innovative, amazing, and actionable is right there in front of us. Leaders who support and enable this type of staff commitment and cross-pollination in every nook and cranny in the social enterprise of their organisations.


Social media is a wonderful way to learn and create communities. It transforms a company and a social business into a multinational classroom. All that has to be learnt by rote from a prosaic method to a guest lecture by one of the best minds in the world, can be broadcast on each employee’s desk screens and mobile devices. It is also an unprecedented venue to ask and respond to questions. 


Every employee (and leader) can participate on a different, extremely personalized level through social media. This is an incredible moral developer. Just when you feel you can express, get support and be part of a group, your mindset changes profoundly. When people are engaged, they feel respected and valued. And as they do, they dig harder, they offer more, they’re simply happier. And it’s beautiful because it’s the best way to work and because satisfied staff achieve incredible results.


Social media allows leaders to keep in touch with what’s happening in close to real time. Successes are revealed more quickly, and resources can be added to parlay or sustain the gains. Setbacks can be easy to detect and can be cut, adapted or enhanced. Social media produces a vulnerable, receptive and exposing central nervous system. Social media has a rhythm and a heartbeat, and leaders need to understand how they can respond and control the rhythm. When they do, they find a new pair of eyes and ears.


The use of social media is rapidly changing. This is how social media is described. The two are increasingly entertaining, diverse and sophisticated. YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, G+, are delivering innovative resources for social networking pioneers and workers. Consider guides and videos produced by employees. You can be inspired by your smart, savvy employees.


Great leaders and great employees enjoy what they are doing. There are, of course, days (weeks, months) that are festivals of stress, stress conferences and snapshots, but the more you are enjoying, the happier you are. And social media is a wicked blast. It links us with each other, gives us an opportunity to be our best in a public setting, represents our creativity and our sense of humor and is only a fabulous weapon if you take a chance.

It was really gratifying and inspiring to see millions of people tap into social media and society building electricity. Large and tiny, profit and non-profit organizations are using this developmental spring in fresh and innovative ways. How can you get social media to the next level?

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