A holistic human resources strategy

For too long, we had expectations that people would split their life and leave all aspects that are linked to their work – health, relationships, goals, hopes and dreams – at work. The HR function in this World is only concerned in the portions of the person that deal directly with the ‘work’ – the ‘human doing if you want’ rather than the ‘human being’ which is the full person – leaving many employees feeling more exploited, unrecognized and unsatisfied. Not to add that the opposing needs of their divided lives are strained, physically fatigued and emotionally drained from their efforts to deal with and balance every day.

And let us face it, there’s none that benefits from stressing out, burning out and tuning up the staff – least of all the HR teams that have to track their sick days, remove the downfall and continuously re-employ jobs with which no-one wants to remain in a firm. By contrast, the holistic approach tries to engage the individual as a whole – to understand their being, what they want from life and how this work fits into all of this – by building HR procedures and practices to assist and empower individuals to organize their work and run their profession in ways that complement and not conflict with the other areas of their lives.

So, what is Holistic HR?

In other words, departments of Human Resources know that employees are the engine of every firm and are the people who are on their way forward. They are not only the pillar of success, but also genuine individuals who have their lives, aspirations, strengths, improvement areas and more. So, the mechanism behind Holistic HR is to nurture and establish an intellectually exciting atmosphere in which the employee is motivated to go beyond itself as well as the firm. This focuses on the personality and ideals of the employee in a way that benefits the firm and its employees.

The holistic HR function must be complemented by the existing human resources policy. The distinction between them is the way these functions are perceived and performed. The driving factor behind the whole HR strategy is a regular HR function combined with employee benefit and increase.

Human resources professionals see this as one of the finest morale boosters for their employees regardless of their level of organizational expertise. In working settings which may be more tiresome with continuing conflicts between personal and professional lives, it is easy to feel demotivated and discontent. To prevent this inconvenience a holistic human resources officer tries for involvement with a worker beyond his official responsibilities to understand what makes them click and how this job and the organisation.

Corporations must think outside of the box and provide their employees an opportunity to have a broad perspective on life. Something not just limited to your specific areas but also to your own drivers of motivation.

How does the Department of Human Resources manage to execute it?

A big part of the future of a company depends on its workforce’s aptitude. A stable, inclusive and entertaining culture in the organization leads to the strong emotional, professional and personal welfare of an employee. It would thus not be unreasonable to conclude that the prosperity of a firm is directly proportional to the morals of its employees. It further enhances the overall strategy and increases the roles of the department of human resources in this area.

United we stand: One of the ways a practicing Holistic HR can implement this method is by injecting a spirit of inclusivity at work. An area without gender, ethnicity, race or orientation promotes variety and encourages a sense of acceptance of who you are.

Starting Matters: Building a culture that fosters and emphasizes the experience of employees is also part of the HD strategy. It is not simple to create and carry out a wonderful voyage! So this phase should be designed as HR-based far earlier, i.e. hiring stage, than its orientation stage. Human resource managers must play an essential role from the beginning to provide each individual with a certain feeling of purpose in the enterprise.

Reward and recognition: The key role of this HR is to integrate applause with effective commitment to employees. It not only makes the workers more happy and healthy but also helps to keep the mind brilliant.

Development: To provide employee satisfaction through improved skills and reskilling possibilities in targeted growth sectors for both professionals and people. The employees are more than the sum of their job descriptions.

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