5 powerful reasons in crisis times for upskilling and reskilling employees

Productivity improvement

Remote working is here to stay, experts claim. However, in the remote world can the working style stay the same as in the old office? Of course not.

Employers should empower and retrain workers of all generations for traditional employees in the digital world. Digital competency is a fundamental skill now, yet only a fraction of the current workforce is digitally native.

According to a new PwC survey, 55% of employers believe the lack of expertise causes an inability to innovate successfully. 

The earlier we start bridging this void, the more efficient the new remote workplaces are. Another key thing to keep in mind here is that the pace of development is comparatively higher in the digital world. As digital processing enters a new stage of sophistication, building new and specialized skills will still be essential. 

Companies have to brace for an ongoing journey of learning.

Future-proof your business

You need to be early thinkers and early adopters to maintain and succeed in your company. As the pandemic begins to grow, the economy is taking a major stroke and even though the horror resides it will be quite some time before the economy will come back. The first and most important move should be to shield your company from potential market disturbances. Once you create an agil, experienced and technology workforce, you can meet the next problems of the corporate world in a significantly improved position. You should use this opportunity to discover the expertise the employees lack to identify the difference between skills.

It will protect your company from potential shocks and will save you enough time and resources as you begin to prepare early. It is the most economical step at this point.

Retain top talent and cut the cost of hiring

The scope of workforce development was one of the leading tendencies for employee participation in recent years. A narrow career path could make it leave for better opportunities, according to 47% of higher educated jobs.

In another Gallup survey, 87% of Gallup workers said career advances are important for them. Although we anticipated a major change into remote operation, what we now have is completely unpredictable. You understand that the best talents need to equip themselves to live in this new age. You need potential skills. There is also no better way to keep you than to promote rescue and empowerment.

In addition, the professional and flexible staff can satisfy customer demands, even though the organization is subject to a freeze. It is vital to maintain top talent during difficult times, so that you can grow as fast as possible from the best possible talent once you return to the market.

Cross-functional teams

Ann Francke, head of the Chartered Management Institute, rightly said, “This is unprecedented. It may change the workplace forever. Everyone will need to embrace a different sort of workplace behavior.”

A cross-functional team is described by this business dictionary as a group of people with various specialties or expertise to carry out all phases of programming from beginning to end. Cross-functional teams are relevant now more than ever before. The way teams interact and cooperate determines the likelihood of a business’ success in this crisis. It’s time the company brings together all divisions such as HR, sales and marketing, financing, manufacturing and a plan to solve the Covid 19 crisis.

Reskilling and Upskilling can help employees to understand various job roles in the organization better. This will contribute to good cross-functional workforce teams.

Boost motivation of employees

The ultimate benefit I want to note is to raise employee moral standards. Employees had difficulty adapting to the current arrangement from home to work. Missing human contact also causes you to feel alone and despaired. There are prevailing ideas about future uncertainty, personal and financial security. The company will go a long way as they engage in retraining and enhancement. It builds the right thinking, enhanced teamwork, commitment of employees and increased employee happiness.

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